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martedì, ottobre 18, 2005

:: F I N A L A N N O U N C E M E N T ::

i'm a traitor and a deserter, and i'm switching over to BLOGSOME.

Here's my NEW blog -> http://florecitos.blogsome.com.

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venerdì, ottobre 14, 2005

Chronicles of a Medical Mad House: You Guys are Even Meaner, I Love It

heh heh... talking about being evil... even EW's not that far gone...

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Today, all the doomed M4 students in O&G trudged out of the exam venue with varying degrees of peripheral pins and needles due to the Siberian winds they'd just been subjected to... it was noted that a significant few appeared to be brain dead as well, possibly due to a severe lack of sleep the night before.

According to the few students whose mental capacities were less annihilated by the paper, this year's questions were the toughest in the past 10 years. with the exception of the question below, found in the paper of 198x:

Write short notes on the practical value of molecular genetics in clinical
gynaecology under three of the following headings.
a) trinucleotide repeats
b) screening for genetic mutations
c) etiology of cervical cancer
synthetic hormones

Another student remarked, "you know, i only slept 3 hours last nite! and i studied everything in gynae except infertility!" it was noted that an exceptionally tough question on primary infertility had been set, most students believe it was the good work of a prof W. It also focusses our attention to the fact that the students are expected to know everything.

"i thought the essays were a bit difficult." remarked one of the doctors famous for failing students in the clinical exam. this further substantiates the evidence that the paper was indeed arduous.

An attempt was made to solicit the opinions of other students, but it was found that despite their frozen extremities and apparent spaced-out expressions, they had not lost the ability to expertly navigate home, most likely to face another gruelling day of preparing themselves for the herculean task they would face tomorrow - the obstetrics clinical examination.

We wish them all the best!

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domenica, ottobre 09, 2005

sheesh. i know i'm not supposed to be blogging. but fingers very 'itchy'... ... ...
maybe i caught the 'wenky' bug. hmm...

first things first... here's another med blog: The World As I Know It.

next up, i'm delighted dear hypoC FINALLY updated his blog, thanks for the link, and due to extreme boredom and trying to find an escape route from the grasping fingers of the neonate, i did the quiz too!

here's the results:

What Animal Are You In Bed?
You are an Owl!

Reserved and thoughtful, you choose your partners carefully and with caution. You are respected by your partners and are not easily taken advantage of. You are charming and romantic but it takes courage for you to open up to someone sexually. Once you do open up you are an attentive lover and pleasing your partner is more important to you than personal gratification.

why doesn't this surprise me... hoot!
Take the Quiz!

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:: i am so happy today - guess y? ::

heheheh. the titles says it all!

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mercoledì, ottobre 05, 2005

Chronicles of a Medical Mad House: Don't Say I Didn't Help

heh. read this... it's oh so farnee...

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lunedì, ottobre 03, 2005

:: announcement ::

Due to the O&G exams, the blogger will be away till 15th October. Meanwhile, keep your suggestions coming, I shall decide what to do with my blog after the exams.
C ya and wish me luck! :D

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domenica, ottobre 02, 2005

dr og has shut down his blog. sob. there goes another talented, witty, deeply insightful soul... how many others are they going to 'clamp' down upon? until we get a population akin to the one in 'brave new world' (aldous huxley)? something as in 'Gattaca'? a population like that described by Ayn Rand in her books?

great, doctors can't blog about things that happen in the hospitals even if the patients' identity and other facts are kept confidential... then, shouldn't it also be that the 100 thousand other blogs by workers on their co-workers, jobs... or by students about their lessons and teachers should not be allowed too?

i'm befuddled what the-powers-that-be want to achieve... i somehow think they're puzzled too. suddenly caught off guard by this newfound freedom of speech in the virtual world that's just spreading like wildfire... or maybe an epidemic. heh.

oh please, YLL, spare us the misery and just come out with a set of blogging guidelines will ya? at least then we know what to blog and what not to blog. or at least, we'll then be able to work our way around the loopholes of your guidelines.. heh.

or maybe... a license to blog should be issued? ah, that's something else you could charge us for?

so right now... i think i've come to the crossroads.... got 4 paths:
1. continue with my blog, like playing with fire
2. start a password protected blog (but experience has shown that pple can break yr code, or friends can betray u)
3. start a semi-private blog where only self-absorbed entries and daydreams can be read by the public while the real content is private (like that then blog for what rite?)
4. put this matter on hold, go study for O&G first!

i choose option 4.... you all cannot choose that ah!

hey pple, suggestions on what is the best way out of this fix?

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sabato, ottobre 01, 2005

:: a moral responsibility ::

a patient came in third trimester with a blood pressure of 145/96 (which in a pregnant woman is considered moderately high... and at risk of developing eclampsia ie. fits)

doc: your bp is a bit on the high side, i would advise you to get hospitalised, so we can monitor your condition and do more tests for you...
pt: but doc, i feel ok wat. dun need to stay hospital la, so troublesome...
doc: can you see clearly? any stomach ache recently? headache?
pt: no... i'm ok la doc. no need any more tests...
doc: ok... i understand you dun want to stay in the hospital... it's ok, you can come for more frequent checkups, but today, i would like to do some blood tests for you.
pt: but i already did the blood tests that time...
doc: that was quite some time back, and your pressure not high then.
pt: hmmm.... ok, must do ah?
doc: the blood tests are optional, but i'd advise you to do, because now your blood pressure is high and we're worried...
pt: oh ok.... if u say so...
pt's husband: what, doctor, must do more blood tests? thought that time do liao? do somemore for what lah? waste money only!
doc: mr xyz, as i told your wife here, it's optional, but i advise you to do, because her BP is a bit on the high side, so we want to check. the last time you did was quite some time back, things can change...
pt's husband: hmmm... don't want to do lah! waste money only!

and with that they left... i couldn't help wondering, would it have made a difference if the doctor put in more effort to persuade them? at least if it were me, i would have explained to them what the danger of high bp during pregnancy was... ie. get fits, risk of affecting baby, and risk to the mother. that it is something serious and not to be underestimated. i would have prescribed some medication (if not already done) and advised her to come for 2-weekly(?) checkups until she is term (if she is very against hospitalisation), as well as counsel her for bed rest and reduce physical activity. oh and warn her to get herself to the hospital immediately should she get stomach pain, blurred vision, headache... here, i believe that the reason why they did not wish blood tests to be done was due o the cost. i suppose, we could get them some financial help somewhere?

on the other hand, i'm not sure if the doc had his own reasons for not trying to encourage them more to do the blood tests... or he simply got too tired of facing such situations that he just gave up. sob. v sad. i hope i won't lose the passion to help people in the future. despite how many situations i face where in spite of my gdwill, i'm unable to do anything to change the outcome.

but right now, i think i shall need to fulfil my moral responsibility towards my parents: mug mug for OG exam! dun waste my school fees!

PS: is everyone else's blogspot 'create a post' page weird? with all the icons malaligned?

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